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How Can I Get Out of Debt?

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Regarding soon to be paypal collection

apertures asked:

Hi, i wont go in to details as im sure many of you dont want to hear the story.

Basically my paypal account is in a debt around £6000 and soon paypal will stop calling me and im sure they will pass it on to the DCA’s.

So my question is, which method should i use, the 3 letter process or the copyright process.

Or do you think it works in my favour to pay off some of the cash to get the debt below £5000 whilst it is still in paypals hands then deal with the rest through the DCA.

Thank you.

Faljay replied:

Hi and welcome to GOODF,

Firstly, please remove the amount as it can be traced.

Use the 3 letter debt collection letters as and when Paypal pass it to a DCA, as they surely will. You can copyright your name if you wish, but it’s usually reserved for debts over 10K.

Read as much on site as you can and view the videos if you haven’t already done so. Knowledge is power and empowering.

If you need more help, don’t be afraid to ask.

Take Care. 😀

apertures replied:

Thank you for the help.

What are the chances of this method failing and being taken to court over it or other problems arising?

As i live with my mum, last thing i want is them knocking on my door.

mareo replied:

None may offer any guarantees, the process has been proven beyound doubt to work, when followed correctly, no denying this, it fails when people do not apply them selves as the task before them so requires, that task is a bit of effort, some time to read & learn, for with knowledge comes wisdom & empowerment, well when it all goes to plan that is 😆

assassin replied:

Then include a denial of access in with your letter, include the fee schedule and if they knock on your mums door in connection with you then take them to the small claims court.

apertures replied:

Do people here actually take the DCA’s to small claim courts and win and actually get their money?

mareo replied:

Some claim this is so 😀

apertures replied:

Do you think the DCA will possibly take me to court over this large amount?

assassin replied:

Both myself and Marshall take them to the small claims court and win every time.

Faljay replied:

It’s always possible, but unlikely as this is a digital contract and they have no wet signature to confirm it. 😀

apertures replied:

Okay thank you.

I look forward to paypal’s reply.

I want to have fun with this.

apertures replied:

Such a long time since the update.

I have been getting calls every week day around 3 calls a day from an 0208 number whom seem to be from paypal debt collections department. I havent answered their calls in weeks.

They have not phoned me since thursday, today I got an email stating the following:

Dear Name Name,

PayPal has made a transfer between the balances in your account for the following reason:

Our policy of converting all negative balances to E after 4 days

The following transfers were made:

Negative balance : -5,700 GBP
Covered From : €6,800 EUR (1 Euro = 0.828882 British Pounds)

Yours sincerely,


Please do not reply to this email. This mailbox is not monitored and you will not receive a response. For assistance, log in to your PayPal account and click the Help link in the top right corner of any PayPal page.

Copyright © 1999-2014 PayPal. All rights reserved.

PayPal (Europe) S.à r.l. et Cie, S.C.A.
Société en Commandite par Actions
Registered Office: 5th Floor 22-24 Boulevard Royal L-2449, Luxembourg
RCS Luxembourg B 118 349

I then sign in to my paypal account to see that my GBP balance is £0 and my EUR balance has gone to the negative.

Why would they have done this? It seems like some kind of loophole on their dodgy side.

Faljay replied:

Seems like they have stolen your money. Report them to the police for theft, informing them you have done so and give them the crime number. How much was the debt for, anywhere near this amount?

apertures replied:

Sadly the amount was exactly for this amount.

I dont see a reason to change my money to a different currency other than to transfer it off shore for other reasons…

Faljay replied:

What do you intend to do now?

apertures replied:

I’m not sure. This seems very weird to me.

What do you lot suggest?

Faljay replied:

You could take them to small claims court to get your money back, but will have to diligently build your case against them.

Take Care. 😀

apertures replied:

Got my first letter from Moorhead James today, weird not to get any phone calls.

Im going to send off Letter 1 tomorrow, my question is, to what address and name and how easy are they to deal with?

Letter is posted below.

Faljay replied:

Registered Office:

Kildare House,
3 Dorset Rise,



apertures replied:

Recieved this reply today. Any advice?

They should be recieving letter one today.

Faljay replied:

Are paypal in estoppel? If so they have broken it and you need to inform Morehead James of this fact, along with all three letters – including tacit, so they cannot act against you.

apertures replied:

I never sent the 3 letters or estoppel to paypal.

Is this a problem?

Faljay replied:

Did you send the letters and estoppel to the DCA? If so it includes the OC – i. e. Paypal – As: Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal. Notice to Principal is Notice to Agent – applies.


apertures replied:

Paypal stopped contact with me.

I then received letter one from Moorhead james saying pay within a week

Today i recieved letter 2 saying pay within 2 days or face legal action.

What could this legal action be? And They should have recieved letter one today.

Faljay replied:

Then carry on with the process through to estoppel, ensuring you add a Notice of Intent to Estoppel in with letter 3, found here:



Laulau89xoxo replied:

How did this all end up? I’m in a similar situation so any advice would be appreciated. Thanks x