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Robinson Way debt collectors “offer”

shuai asked:

I received the letter below from Robinson Way about 2 weeks ago, They asked me to reply by today, but a combination of sticking my head in the sand and having to look after my sister’s children, has meant that the 15th has come sooner than I thought.

The offer they have set out is half of what they say I owe,

I am still not back in work, after losing my job. I can’t afford what they suggest and am always at the limit of my overdraft,

As you might remember I was in the process of sending the three letters to Vanquis. They passed it on to the debt collectors after the second letter, without providing the documentation asked for in those letters.

I was advised to ignore the first letter from Robinson Way on this forum; should I continue doing so? I am afraid that if I contact them, I am accepting liability and they will push me into a deal I cannot afford. If I don’t answer, what are they likely to do? They haven’t mentioned court yet (Vanquis previously hinted at it), although there was a registered letter I missed whilst I was away at my sister’s. (I have no idea what it was about and it has already been returned to the sender).

I’d be grateful of any suggestions to help me with the next step. Below is the abbreviated letter. (My credit rating hasn’t changed as yet – still hovering just above poor – so the credit agencies haven’t been informed yet).

Thanks for all the help so far.


We have been asked to agree a payment plan for the above Vanquis Credit Card. You have two payment options:

* Agree a reduced settlement of £2,000 (half of what you owe) and we will close your account.
Please note that your credit file will be updated as partially satisfied with a zero balance, and not as settled or satisfied.

* Talk to us about what you can afford and we can agree a payment plan based on this Alternative ly, we may be able to agree a reduced balance that you can pay over up to 10 months. Again, your credit file would be updated as above.

Please contact us before 15/03/17 to let us know which option you want to choose. When you contact us we can agree when you will make your first payment.

Tiggy replied:

Do you know when originally you stopped paying Vanquis?

shuai replied:

Hi Tiggy,

No I don’t know exactly as I haven’t got my statements with me. I think it was the summer of 2016, but sometime last year anyway. I can check through my posts on here and see if that gives me a clearer indication as not sure when I will have chance to get them. I have only just come down to Wales again from London as my sister has ataxia and can’t walk.

Is that any help ?


shuai replied:

Hi Tiggy,

Looking at my posts, it seems it was probably either July or August 2016.

shuai replied:

Hi again Tiggy.

Just to say that the debt at that time was around £3000, but went up to around £4000, before they stopped adding interest.

Tiggy replied:

I was trying to see if this was close to being statute barred, but way off.

It’s entirely up to you what approach you take, but this is the first of many letters RW will send you so I wouldn’t worry too much about not replying.

shuai replied:

Thanks Tiggy,

I thought that was what you were trying to figure out. It’s a long way to six years.

I think I was just a bit worried by the registered letter I didn’t receive, but then the “offer” from Robinson Way arrived after that, so I presuming it had nothing to with all this.

I will continue to ignore the constant phone calls and emails from RW, but if they threaten court, do I start the 3 letter procedure again? And do courts send a registered letter to inform you that a case is being made against you? I suppose what I’m asking is can they go ahead with proceedings without my knowledge? It happened to me 35 years ago when I was living and working abroad and I had a county court judgement against me from abbey National as they had mistakenly credited my account with a £1000

Thanks for your reassurance. Shuai.

williams2583 replied:

large discounts mean a weak case