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Robinson Way – Reconnection visit!

jj5220 asked:

Good Morning,

I have a debt of £877 from Santander, last contact with them in January 2011. I thought this had been written off till October 2014 when I started getting the letters from RW.
I have done all the template letters in the formats advised on this excellent site. They keep sending letters but I do not acknowledge them in any way.
Last week they sent me a letter saying that someone will visit my address on 15th June 2015 for a reconnection visit!!!!

I am a bit worried and I find their actions quite intimidatory. The one thing on my side is that I live in an apartment in a converted mill and access is by electronic key pad.

Any advise please?? I’m thinking if I am in when this ‘leech’ calls is not to answer my door and if I see someone in the building I do not recognise, I shall not participate or initiate contact in any way.

Cheers Jaci

zark replied:

ahh, after letter 3 why did you not follow up with what you wrote in letter 3?

i suggest you re-read letter 3 you sent and then act accordingly

Tiggy replied:

What if they do turn up (unlikely as it’s just scare tactics) what can they do, kidnap you, frog March you to the nearest cash machine to cough up, no of course not.

If they call tell them their visit is unsolicited and to have the courtesy to make an appointment before bothering you again.

They have no power over you so why be worried, scared or intimidated !!

ceylon replied:

send a denial of access

chances are they dont even have a license to visit but they can lie

effteedee replied:

FCA CONC regulations ….

7.9.12 – Unless it is not practicable to do so, a firm must ensure that a person visiting a customer on its behalf:

(1) Clearly explains to the customer the purpose and intended outcome of the proposed visit; and

(2) Gives the customer adequate notice of the date and likely time (at a reasonable time of day) of the visit.

7.9.14 – A firm must ensure that all persons visiting a customer’s property on its behalf act at all times in accordance with the requirements of ■ CONC 7 and do not:

(1) Act in a threatening manner towards a customer;
(2) Visit a customer at a time when they know or suspect that the customer is, or may be, particularly vulnerable;
(3) Visit at an inappropriate location unless the customer has expressly consented to the vis-it;
(4) Enter a customer’s property without the customer’s consent or an appropriate court or-der;
(5) Refuse to leave a customer’s property when it becomes apparent that the customer is unduly distressed or might not have the mental capacity to make an informed repayment decision or to engage in the debt recovery process;
(6) Refuse to leave a customer’s property when reasonably asked to do so;
(7) Visit or threaten to visit a customer without the customer’s prior agreement when a debt is deadlocked or reasonably queried or disputed (see ■ CONC 7.14 (Settlements, disputed and deadlocked debt)).


gamboloyd replied:

I have just had a visit from Robinson Way today. He had a lanyard around his neck so spotted it straight away. He asked for a mr and my name and I said that there was no-one here by that name. He asked how long I had lived here and I said a number of years and he walked off saying “Do you know how many of these I get a day? I’ll update the records, have a good day” shaking his head.

Poor chap

effteedee replied:

“Do you know how many of these I get a day? I’ll update the records, have a good day” shaking his head.

Poor chap

teabags replied:

Well done for getting rid of him the way you did.

Just a thought, after denying the name, could you have said to his second question, ‘am I obliged to answer your question’?

It’s none of his business how long you have ‘lived’ there, and how many other questions might he have asked?