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Robinson Way – Reported to FCA for pretending to be bank

sambo1 asked:

Evening all, I’ve had an interesting day dealing with a particular letter I received yesterday…

A few details – At first glance the letter looked like a pretty normal template from the bank informing me they had assigned the account to another third party DCA. But then I thought hang on, the bank never sends letters in brown envelopes and they never address me without my initials. I checked the return address on the back of the brown envelope (PO BOX 123 Burton on Trent) which is nothing to do with Halifax. *Alarm bells*

The letter template itself includes everything to make the undiscerning customer believe this is a genuine letter from Halifax. It includes the blue Halifax logo, their Credit Operation address on the right, a small QR code and barcode and it’s signed by H Singh (Director, Collections and Recoveries of Halifax) including full legal footer in small print with company and licence numbers. The reference number is simply put as “CURRENT ACCOUNT” followed by an incorrect account number and an RW Ref number which I don’t recognise. The letter is written as if it’s Halifax informing me to make contact with Robinson Way and includes all of their contact details too.

So, I got on the blower to Halifax CS and complaints department and asked whether they keep a record of all the letters they post to customers, they said yes. So I then asked if they had sent me this particular letter and what date they sent it. The told me they have not sent me this letter and it would appear the agency has used their templates. I asked if anyone else had permission to use their templates, logos, addresses, signatures etc. They said no. I filed my complaint to the duty manager and told them I would also be reporting the matter to Action Fraud for fraud by false representation and to the FCA for the numerous breaches of their new regulations. Halifax actually thanked me and ensured me they would investigate thoroughly (however I have zero belief in this).

Phoning ActionFraud was a waste of time, they said they wouldn’t deal with the case as the account in question does actually exist and I haven’t made any payments to the DCA as a result. They said money HAS to change hands before any fraud has been committed. Frustrating!! They told me to pursue it with trading standards or the FCA as it was a civil case, not criminal.

Next phone call was to the FCA and they were extremely helpful, understanding and insightful as to what they are doing with cases such as this. In a nutshell, since April 2014 they have been collecting evidence from people like myself and other GOODF users and investigating all financial organisations who have had complaints raised against them. Companies such as payday lenders, credit card/loan companies and DCA’s are all operating on Interim Permission Numbers (IPN)s until October 2014. In October, any companies that are deemed not to be complying to the new regulations or are not operating fairly or consistently will not be granted with the new Consumer Credit Licence and will be forced to cease trading. The person I spoke with informed that a very large number of firms will simply cease trading in October and even told me that DCAs like the one I am reporting will very likely be on the list to go! This was music to my ears!!

The FCA advised me that every single report/complaint they receive about a financial organisation will be investigated and the more evidence they receive, the less likely the company will be granted with the new licence.


😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

bjaudio replied:

excellent post… I have yet to contact the FCA (I currently have Cabot under investigation by the FOS, and reported them also to the ICO & CSA )- I think a call to the FCA is next… thanks for info sambo1

sambo1 replied:

The FCA told me that the FOS would not be the appropriate go-to guys for this issue. The FOS is only good for disputes with the crooks but will never actually see them investigated. The FCA really do need to see evidence of what these corrupt DCAs are up to in order to take action or prevent them from receiving the new licence to trade.

trustdelboy replied:

Interesting post, fingers crossed for October then 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

micky_h replied:


i got a similar letter from RW pretending to be Lloyds, so i contacted Lloyds and they didnt want too comment, so i reported RW too the FCA, FOS and ICO, the ICO basiccally washed thier hands of the matter, so they are a waste of time, i personally dont think they are fit for purpose.

However the FCA were brilliant, well worth the time it took to call them, i hope they close RW down or hit them in the pocket hard

Not heard from the FOS yet, but i dont hold out much hope lol

The more people that complain the better


celica34 replied:

sambo 1… good on ya 😎

Oscar1 replied:

This sounds promising. Getting on the phone later today and will be specifically about rw as well. Had no joy with ico who although said it appears rw has broken legislation they didn’t feel that rw needed to change it’s procedures.