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How Can I Get Out of Debt?

With a simple legislated debt solution you can consolidate all your debts into one lower, affordable monthly repayment. Make one set payment per month for a set period, and after the period expires any remaining debts left are legally written off. This can be up to 90% depending on your circumstances.


St1ckumup asked:

hi there, has anyone heard of RUNDLES ENFORCEMENT in the past ? any experiences with these ?

the council tax debt that was passed to bristow & sutor previously; has since been passed back to council & now with rundles enforcement; who have since sent me about 5 notices all at once for different amounts!

unsure how to proceed with them so far. i just ignored B&S! so what now ??

any help / advice fully appreciated. thanks.

Faljay replied:

Check this out: … onduct.pdf
[ ]

And make sure they follow their own rules.

Bailiffs may not break in to your home without a court order to do so, and that has not yet happened concerning Council Tax arrears, and is almost exclusively meant for criminal offence and dealings with HMRC. If you do let them in, they may force entry on a return visit.

Print off as many Denial of Implied Right of Access notices as you need and place them up at all windows and doors. Send them the denial letter as well. Both found here:

As to their letters showing varying amounts, you need to get clarification which is correct as they re using confusing practices. If they persist in not supplying you with accurate information, first complain to Rundles and if no joy, complain to the court, as they are ultimately responsible for any enforcement agency’s actions.


St1ckumup replied:

hey there, many thanks for the info , excellent!!

may be a silly question but, am just wondering can i send just 1 Denial of Implied Right of Access notice via post to them regarding the 5 notices they have sent me ? or do i have to send 5 notices separately ? they are different amounts but all for council tax.? thanks again.

Faljay replied:

Send a single, Denial of Implied Right of Access letter, found on the Bailiff Template Letter page, and list each of their 5 notices to cover them all.


St1ckumup replied:

Hey guys,

just an update on the above post.

Rundles enforcement agents have sent me a letter today , this is what it says –

cancel tax debt

prior notice of intended proceedings

the above debt remains outstanding despite previous applications for payment.

we have made arrangements to remove your goods during the course of the next few days and would prefer you were present so that we can agree the list of items removed.

If payment is not made and we are unable to complete our proposed actions, our client will consider further action which may include an application for a warrant of arrest , a charging order on your property or a possible application for bankruptcy.

To avoid this action which will incur further considerable costs please contact us immediately by telephone on (0845) 658 5030 to make payment.

Ok folks thanks for taking the time to read . so just wondering how to proceed from this point ? shall I just send the rights of implied removal of access letters again to them ? not really sure what to do from here! Just a little bit worried that they could / may possibly hire a locksmith and break in or sneak in when I’m not around ( not that they’ve mentioned it in any letters but just a bit worried ) crafty buggers though so wouldn’t put it past these. All help fully appreciated many thanks for your time.

mareo replied:

if no car on drive then sit tight, they will pass it back to council, they saying as much in their letter, the bit about arrest, taking goods is scare mongering, only goods they may take without you being there would be a car parked outside as they are vulnerable to being stolen by these crooks –

park cars away

St1ckumup replied:

Many thanks.

We’ll I don’t currently drive so ok with that.

Shall I send the denials of access again?? or leave it as iv sent them before??

All the best!!!

Thanks for help & reassurance!

mareo replied:

no need to re send, put some up around your home if you have not done so thus far –