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Sent A4V to the Electric Company and IRS / Treasury for Set-of

anarchyrising777 asked:

Hello all,

I am in the U.S.

I sent in one of my first A4V’s today to the electric company and the IRS. This is all after I did a bunch of filing in order to become a Secured Party Creditor (UCC-1 Filing in Birth State and Resident State, Treasury notices – charge back letter, bonded bill of exchange, accepted for value birth certificate and other docs). I have a [url=””]video blog on YouTube[/url] that I go over on my UCC redemption process videos.

My bill payment voucher was endorsed something very close to the following. I took video of it and will post it as episode # 5.
(everything written in red ink and at a 45 degree angle)
Then on the back, it is signed.
by: (autograph) authorized representative
UCC 1-308, 3-415, 3-419, 3-603

To the Treasury/IRS, I sent by certified mail:
-A4V bill/payment voucher (original one received in its entirety. The bill is not detached from the statement/notice.)
-copy of filed UCC-1 for STRAWMAN
-completed form 1099-A
-completed form 1040-V

To the electric power company, I sent by certified mail:
-PHOTOCOPY of A4V bill / payment voucher
-NOTICE of Tender for Set-off (slightly modified from the one generously provided by this Get Out of Debt Free organization)
-copy of filed UCC-1 for STRAWMAN

I want to talk about the people I’ve encountered during this process leading up to this. First, I’ve been doing this research mostly on my own. I bought a package of books and docs from Jeff Anderson (, ATEXASCASH). I am very angry and disappointed that he disables comments on his YouTube, does not answer e-mails, and doesn’t allow you to call his phone number (Even though I respect his time, I think I deserve one or two questions answered if they reflect I did my research, given he says he wants to help people.). Druanna Johnston wants $100 for you to talk to her for an hour- simply ridiculous, solely for profit, greedy. Few, if any, people on forums like this ever have any valuable input, and they have snarky attitudes. Facebook groups are a lost cause, and they all want you to abandon your method and adopt theirs (most of the time they want money). I called in to a debt discussion on TalkShoe tonight that was linked on these forums. They cautioned me, like others have before, that going down this administrative path will likely get me locked up in a federal fun-house for the rest of my days. The information you get on A4V and the UCC process from Jeff Anderson and anyone else all contradict themselves, and it’s hard to sift through it all and find out the methods that work. It’s actually almost impossible to find reliable info and genuine people who are willing to give their input. Me? I took time out of my busy life to make YouTube videos, find the info for myself, and upload document templates for people to use free of charge. I think my contributions are valuable, and some of my subscribers have thanked me for the work I’m doing to make this all simple in this confusion.

So, what do you guys think? Am I headed for the federal prison clinker, taking turns in the shower? Is my life ruined for doing this process? Are these the End Times?

I am not governed by fear. I’m going all the way. Shortly after I filed the UCC-1 for my roommate who has a foreclosure debt, he received a “Certificate of Cancellation to Secure Debt” filed by Bank of America in the county court.

I will have the proof and results of everything posted to my YouTube blog shortly since so many armchair cronies demand the evidence.


anarchyrising777 replied:

One thing I forgot to mention is that I sent the A4V 5 days after the bill’s due date. I sent it on the 21st and the payment was due by the 16th. I don’t know if that means I fell into dishonor, but that’s how long it took me to find a solution I was comfortable with in sending the A4V.

It probably doesn’t matter, though. I probably won’t get any meaningful responses here; so, therefore, you all suck and don’t deserve my updates. Stupid people today… you’re gonna get what you deserve soon enough. 😡

zark replied:

WOW! Now that’s a switcheroo i didn’t expect.


anarchyrising777 replied:

Is that all you have to say? 😆 I’m starting to get the picture that no one anywhere knows how to properly send an A4V.

I got a demand for payment/disconnection notice yesterday. It looks like they aren’t adhering to any certified letters. At the same time, not this forum nor anywhere else with people who claim to be freemen or Secured Parties can offer ANY piece of USEFUL advice to someone who WILL be there to answer QUESTIONS to other PEOPLE seeking the same KNOWLEDGE. 😡

Earthour replied:

Hi All

I sent off an A4V and a promissory note to npower.

It has taken them sometime, nearly a year, and now they are starting to bring in the debit collection agencies.

I think i should draft a letter to the CEO and ask them why they are exempt from the bill of exchange act.

This letter would be better if it was co-produced and made as a template for the follow up for the A4V method.

We must remember the ‘Law’ is on our side… if we just use it..

Anyone willing to get this template together with me?

anarchyrising777 replied:

I am willing to work with anyone on this stuff.

Once again, I am highly disheartened that no one is around to reply that knows how to send an A4V in a way that works. 😕 Until I hear from someone here or anywhere else that personally sent an A4V successfully, I’m convinced that A4V doesn’t go anywhere and that the companies and the government don’t adhere to their own laws and commercial codes. When they cut my electric power service off, which I think is likely in the next day or two, I will really be angry 😡 with the world of freemen who claim that A4V and becoming a Secured Party Creditor has any benefits attached to it. I have given it my all and here to answer the questions I know how to.

These forums obviously suck just like the rest do. I’m not going to post my e-mail address here, but PM me, and I think we can take it from there. Maybe Skype is a solution.

zark replied:

well i aint got a clue how it actually works…. cant find any legislation that explains something similar or close to it so…

midnightmassacre61577 replied:


I have my doubts about all this although I am intrigued by this and while I do tend to believe the whole birth certificate things and the strawman.

I have my doubts about A4V but on the other hand am intrigued by the process and keep asking questions like for example one that I posted elsewhere was about the Marriage certificate.

That also is on bond paper and has a red number so how come we cant file u UCC and use that.

I have seen vidoes from people like Atexa Cash and Doug Riddle and Druanna Johnston and although the info I see on their videos may be true.

The fact that they are charging for their info and that is their right but it raises a big red flag to me and I personally will not pay it because it just feels like a scam even if it isn’t.

Speaking of Doug Riddle I did watch a radio show he did on You Tube that is several years old so keep that in mind too and although I have my doubts about A4V his show gave me hope that it does work.

He says you do not send Your A4V to the companies because most of them have no idea what to do with them.

He gave 3 IRS addresses (sorry I do not have them right now to type) and he said you send them to one of these and they know what to do them.

What caught my attention is that one of the IRS Addresses was the IRS Criminal Investigation.

Now unless Mr. Riddle was an IRS agent trying to easily catch xome stupid people trying to use this A4V (Hey u never know) tell people to send it there is all this A4V is bullshit.

Just something to think about in my opinion. As for me I am in no rush I am going to ask questions take my time watch videos read do my research leave this A4V come back to it etc etc and someday if I decide to try it I am going to take a small credit card debt and test it on that.

When? I have no clue. But I would think the only way to know that if it does work if Let’s say I have a 1,000 debt well I don’t want to close out the whole thing because I don’t want to lose the line of credit.

So I am thinking Let’s say I send an A4V to the IRS for 900.00 to Discharge that If it works after a few months I should see the 900.00 deducted from my credit card balance in the mean time while waiting for the A4V to go through I would continue to make the minimum payments 20-30 dollars on my account.

This is just my thinking on the subject I have no idea if I am on the right page or not.

Have a great day!

midnightmassacre61577 replied:

One thing about these forums in my opinion are full of people who are very curious who want to learn about A4v but also have their doubts but don’t want to get scammed.

Yes of course it is great to have our questions quickly because we want to know but sometimes it takes time.

I have posted questions on this site and I don’t care I will ask questions about anything that I think is important whether it is or not and sometimes I wont get a reply for months if at all but sometimes when that reply comes even if it is now or months down the line.

The mere fact that I or whoever asked the question and somebody repiied whenever that may be not only helps me but everyone who reads this forum.

That is why in my opinion This forum while it can be frustrating and slow at times is at the end of the day a very good thing and Thank You to all who read it and learn from it and Thank You to all who share their input with us so that we can all learn.

zark replied:

it will require enforcement i.e court action

1. is it law?

2. is it equity?

3. can you gain 12 neighbours agreement it is valid?

where can you take this? which court and how is it explainable?

LatoriaMartin replied:

But I am also gonna play it smart and safe and still pay the bill and when i pay the bill then do the av4 method the company should reimburse me with a check to cash to get Federal reserve notes.

Or the irs should return to me a refund on the said amount of the voucher.

Eddie0308 replied:


I think you may have to reconsider your thought process with irs. The way the IRS work is by credits. So you gotta file LOSS tax returns in order to balance out your debt with them.

Now the a4v thing is a bit complicated. Is the better method to a4v bills etc & report it as income to the Irs??? I think that’s what they really want us to do is to report & declare income to them etc.. Again, this just an opinion..

Those remittance coupons they send us ALL has to have some kind of purpose. Maybe wishful thinking on my part but hey doesn’t hurt to think about it…

Robswift replied:

To the OP why didn’t you just K.I.S.S and ask the IRS for proof of debt, proof of services offered, actually validation of alleged debt via actual accounting sworn under oath/affidavit… And if no proof is forthcoming what do you think that means???

You lot mention Bills are they really, or are they statements… What constitutes a Bill and what constitutes a statement???

What you have done is fine and you cannot go to jail for it… The US is bankrupt (as is pretty much every nation globally), and the Gov needs your estate in order to help bail it out (bullshit blah blah blah)… Now if the Gov was to take but offer nothing in return this would be illegal and unlawful so it has to offer a Remedy, a way for all public debt to be discharged and that is simply what you have done!

marke replied:

No electric, gas and water meter, no babylonian bullshit bill of exchange (envelope)

Back in babylon they use to use clay tablets with a bill of exchange inside, and when broken you automatically contracted with the fookers.

No meter,no bill.

place meter in box with short note.

Oh dear mr n power i have removed your property (meter) from this property. don’t sign (sin) anything.

n power “iv’e come to read our meter. “

no one “i don’t have a meter.”

n power “can i come in and check”

no one ” i don’t use electric,gas etc.”

n power ” yes you do!”


n power ” whats your name?”

no one ” i am no one you plonker,you really think i’m a piece of paper you pirate,i suggest you go see a shrink and sort your coconut out, your fuckin fruit and nut.”

zark replied:

i tell you this, if my neighbour was suspected of messing with gas or electricity i would support a utility company or transco or whoever to check the safety

i do not want to be blown up by a neighbour

always give engineers access as long as you have, as tilts writes, a letter of liability if owt goes wrong…

for instance if something is accidentally damaged… that letter can be used immediately and a stat demand is easy peasy with no sweat or argument

just do not panic always be safe and think 5 moves ahead

marke replied:

No meter, no bill.

i am no one.

who’s makin the claim has the burden of proof!

do i loooook like a piece of paper?

show me the victim

show me the crime

show me the victim

i am no one

i am no
i am

zark replied:

wait a sec

marke do you have electricty at you property working?

do you have gas appliances working at your property?

i am confused by your reasserted statement

marke replied:

yep, i use electric and water, i’ve got gas too but never used it, don’t need it. it’s never had a gas meter at this property,never received a bill for gas.

how can they send a bill if there is no meter, how do they get access if there is no meter and how do they prove use of gas, water, electric if there is no meter.

they need your consent to access the property to install their property (meter) to gain jurisdiction. plus a NAME to start the game.


utility employee “are you the resident,occupier.tenant,owner etc.”

“i am no one”

utility employee “everybody has a name, you need a name so i can play the game, it’s not fair, your not playing by our corrupt crown copy right rules”

zark replied:

well that’s not a typical setup by any stretch

are you direct upstream to consumer box?

also the gas is straight in also?

marke replied:

yep, you have your main incoming feed with fuses, then just take your earth, live neutral to the consumer unit (rcd box) job done.

the meter between your incoming feed plus fuses and your consumer unit (rcd box) has no effect on the flow of electric, it’s just plonked there so they know how much of your credit to use, from the trust accounts, remember there broke, bankrupt they need credit, your credit to operate, they are all debtors in possession in the public side, but they reverse the debt back to us, when they are the debtors, they owe us trillions.

my gas has been capped for decades, there’s no regulator on the end of the pipe, just capped off.

if your going to do your gas just purchase your own regulator and return there gas meter plus regulator back to them.

zark replied:

i c

ta 4 clearing that up

marke replied:

That’s ok, if they do decide to send there babylonion crap through your letter box just addressee unknown return to sender and if someone comes knocking, don’t answer the door, or if you bump into them by accident, remember “i am no one, i don’t have a name or meter” keep schtum 🙂

just for laffs you could redirect their crap to MR GEORGE OSBORNE HM TREASURY 1 HORSE GUARDS ROAD LONDON SW1A 2HQ.

zark replied:

yours is a rare situation marke

n.b utility companies estimate usage from all their customers so that all usage is accounted for if the utility company under estimate it gets slapped with a charge over the normal price for all units supplied this is generally why utility company will over estimate slighty to all customers because it dont wanna lose profits

in the case of the rare direct connect i doubt it will hunt but if it gets a whiff of it i think it is classified as extraction by the supplier with the deemed contract

Margitta replied:

I’m new here but I have those three addresses if anyone still requires them. Please let me know. What the heck. Here they are:

1) IRS, Criminal Investigation Division, P.O. Box 192, Covengton, KY. 41012

2) IRS, 4440 Post Office Box 9036, Ogden, Utah, 84201

3) IRS, Technical Support Division, c/o Treasury UCC Contract Trust, Internal Revenue Service, 1500 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, D.C.20220.

Let us know what works and what doesn’t.

mzmadam replied:

i’m going through the same troubles I was really looking forward to getting those books from stop the pirates guy :/ at least now I know not to waste my time there

marke replied:

it’s credit, reversionary interest, there giving you credit to use. look their crap up.

go read their crown copy right crap, go into the matrix and play with their crap.

i’m worth 19.4 trillion, you worked out the bull shit yet?