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How Can I Get Out of Debt?

With a simple legislated debt solution you can consolidate all your debts into one lower, affordable monthly repayment. Make one set payment per month for a set period, and after the period expires any remaining debts left are legally written off. This can be up to 90% depending on your circumstances.

Starting The 3 Letter Process With Lowell

creditshampoo asked:

They are scum don’t believe anything they say at all. They could fold after the first letter but keep going all way through

Imauser78 replied:

Thanks folks, im expecting them to reply at some point with bullshit, but im quite happy to just follow through with letters 2 & 3 regardless 🙂 I’ve ignored all dca’s for well over a year, the majority have stopped, and some were sold and resold on, probably why the others stopped, but Lowell have just been persistent and well, im getting fed up with the letters coming through my letterbox 🙂

ceylon replied:

do put the bit on in these videos very very powerful

Imauser78 replied:

Ok i have a little issue, the letters that i sent previously, which was the 1st letter, but 3 of them as have 3 alleged debts with Lowell, well only 2 have arrived, even though they were all sent same day to same address & well, i have no idea which of the alleged debts got the letters and which of them didn’t lol

So do i just send letter 2 to all of them?
or do I send letter one again to all of them, but this time make sure i know which recorded delivery is with which?

I should have marked them before, but didnt think lol 😆

williams2583 replied:

Provided you have evidence of sending that is enough,if you want to ensure receipt next time with letter 2 send copy of 1.Yhey dont always ack.

Bowktom replied:

Hi mate, hope things are going well beating these low life leeches.

I just wanted to reassure you that they will go away, it might be after the first letter or after 6 months but just play them at their own game. They will try to make you feel guilty in every way they can but just keep in there.

Good luck and I hope you have the same success from this great forum as I did.


Imauser78 replied:

Just a quick update, I recieved their ‘template’ letter stating that mine was a template letter yesterday. Got replies from all 3, i was supposed to send the 2nd letters off yesterday but didn’t make it to post on time, 2nd letters are going out tomorrow 🙂 accounts are on hold lol

williams2583 replied:

Thats fine just carry on.

d3lboy replied:

Could u give me your opinion..

We have done 3 step letter process and a forth letter saying all further mail will be re butted in their entirety. .but they still keep coming around posting letters..since the forth letter 2 months ago they been around twice. This has been going on since january 2014..and its my parents house..they are elderly with heart conditions . The alleged debt is on a second property for council tax ..and the tenant didnt pay and done a runner..anythoughts as my parents are thinking of going to see a solicitor..which I don’t think is a good idea

Imauser78 replied:

Just thought i’d do a quick update here, Letter 2 went fine, all got posted and made sure this time I made note of which recorded delivery number matched which alleged debt. Im just about to get letter 3 ready to send off tomorrow. But, i did receive this from Lowell, is it a good sign?

Imauser78 replied:

Quick update, I’ve now received the same letter as above for all 3 accounts. 3rd letters have all now been delivered. Estoppel going in 30 days 🙂

Imauser78 replied:

Another update 🙂

I’ve just received a letter from Lowell regarding another alleged debt, which I am very pleased about because I had noticed that Lowell owns this debt and after ignoring previous sent letters and me now dealing with others, I was hoping this one was going to raise its ugly head so I can deal with it 🙂

Let the games begin with this one too 😛

williams2583 replied:

Re the letter received they are now contacting the OC to try to find supporting documents which in most cases they cant.Dont expect anything for up to 12 weeks from them.

Imauser78 replied:

Thanks Williams, I should have them at the estoppel by then, I will bill if they send me another letter after that 🙂

Imauser78 replied:

Right, I’ve received this letter after sending a section 10 with my 3rd letter

Should I reply & if so, what with? They’ve also said they are requesting statements, which obviously I haven’t asked for lol

Imauser78 replied:

OK need a little help! I’ve received what Lowell say is a credit agreement for one of my debts, although it does look like it could be made up by anyone. This was received before I had them in estoppel & no intention of estoppel was sent beforehand. It was only a printed signature.

What should I do now? They’ve admitted they’ve had to send off off for it in previous letters, obviously I need to respond, but what with?

Estoppel is due to go out on the 17th, do I send it still?

Imauser78 replied:

Just thought i’d do a quick update on this…

One account has been closed as some have seen & all other accounts are in estoppel with no more correspondence since. I was kinda hoping they would wipe them out as well, but well as long as im not being harrassed its good 🙂

No doubt either another DCA will get it or it’ll go to court, but no news is good news 🙂