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Student Finance England & Advantis Dect Collection

Donkey2883 asked:


I need some advice. Last January I had to drop out of my second year of University due to financial reasons, I was getting a grant and a loan form Student Finance England to pay for student fees. The financial issue I was having was due to SFE refusing to fund me in any way for my first year and as a result I had to work full time and study full time. I ended up burning out in January and had to quit Uni with the aim of starting my second year on a part time basis when I’ve sorted myself out.

Now 9 months later I get a letter from Advantis DCA asking for the GRANT (not the loan) back that I received at the beginning of the second year.
Essentially Student Finance have sold on £1995 to Advantis, I wasn’t even aware SFE had even tried to get in contact with me but they say they have and now the supposed debt has been sold on.

My question is given that the debt is based on a grant and not a loan would the 3 letter process still work?

has anyone ever been in this scenario before?


ceylon replied:

yes debt letters will sort this out

Donkey2883 replied:

Thanks for that Ceylon, I’ll get started with it.

sonix replied:

Bit common in these days but don’t worry. If you have your debt letter then they will help out.

Donkey2883 replied:

Thought I would give you an update about what has been going on with Advantis Credit Ltd, the DCA that has been trying to enforce £1355 from the student Loans Company.

1 – I sent the first letter, after a few days later I got a letter saying the Advanits will be treating my correspondence as a complaint.. But as they had not sent me the documentation that was asked for I sent the second letter.

2 – The second letter was sent, a few days later they I got another letter from Advantis saying that all attempts of collect on any debt would be put on hold until they could obtain the Deed of Novation, Deed Of Assignment and the original note autherised by me with a wet ink signature, from the Student loans company…. (even though they should of already had them by that point 😆 😆 ) .. but they did not send what I asked for so I carried on and sent the third letter.

3 – The third letter was sent. After a few weeks I received another letter from them saying that as Advantis was ONLY collecting the debt and that the Deed of Novation, Deed Of Assignment and the original note autherised by me with a wet ink signature was not needed… (I had a chuckle at this 😆 😆 😆 😆 ) It also said that if I did not reply to the letter within 14 days then they would attempt to collect on the debt again… which is fine because at that point I would be sending the Estoppel in 10 days.

4- The Estoppel was sent and they received it on the 9th of December on the 15th December I got another letter trying to claim on the debt again.. so they got the estoppel and then tried to claim again…. So I have billed them for £3000.

5 – I have just got another letter from them saying that they are dropping all attempts to the collect the debt and will be handing it back to the Student loans company and Student loans may get in contact with me about the money 😆 😆 😆 good times.

So advantis has 3 more weeks to pay me the £3k before I start making demands. I will be taking this to small claims court if I have too.

Question though.. If this does go all the way to small claims court do I have to go to a small claims court in Stoke-on-Trent (which is where they are based) or can I make the claim where live (East Midlands).

I’m starting to enjoy myself with this, so much so that I have had £500 written of from MK Rapid recoveries for my brother.. only took 1 letter to get them to do it. I will send them the final 2 letters and the estoppel as well just to make sure 😆

Many thanks to everyone who set this website up and run the forum, its appreciated.

Donkey2883 replied:

So after the 3 letter process to the Student Loans Company they have decided that they are going to refer my account to Smith Lawson & Company…

funnily enough this week has been an interesting week for the SLC as they have been getting some heat from the media about using Pay Day loan style tactics to recover supposed debt… such tactics as pretending to be a Law firm to send even more threatening letters and avoid accusations of harassment. … 76.article
[ ]

I guess sending separate letters to my parents at the same time and who also still live with each other wasn’t scummy enough tactic for them to use.

Loopylouz91 replied:

I am in a similar situation. I left uni a couple of years ago. Advantis have now contacted me regarding a grant over payment of £2550. I’m really not sure what to do I have no idea regarding any form of letters. I’m stuck! It’s compleatly making me really poorly. I really don’t know what to do!!!!