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UK Search Limited

Lostboy asked:

Has anyone had dealings with this firm, UK Search Limited?

I have two letters from them (last year) stating, “Your outstanding debt with us remains unpaid….”
I know of the debt, does their wording mean they have purchased the debt from its original owner?
Recently i have had a number of calls from them (ignored) but now i am getting emails from them too.
I was making payments but stopped last year when i found GOODF..

Should i start the 4 letter process with them?

Any advice would be great.. thanks in advance.


ceylon replied:

chances do what you want but they are just testing you

Lostboy replied:

I have now had a letter dated 12/05/16, in which it states they have tried to contact me (true but ignored), and in which also i see they do not have the full, correct address that this alleged debt relates to.

Now today (06/06/16) i get another letter, dated 02/06/16. This one is a final demand with the usual contact us now or else threats.

Your advice please?….

Thanks in advance.

williams2583 replied:

this outfit usually chases secured loans from Welcome and the like, so if you have a secured loan you might as well contact them because any arrears will simply be added on and in the worst case scenario repossession is a possibility

Lostboy replied:

It is for alleged outstanding rent, i do not live at the address chased (their documents sent to me show an incomplete address, so technically it does not exist) and i currently reside in privately rented via a landlord.

Is it worth contacting them, offering a £1 a month and see what happens?.. would not this be me admitting to the alleged debt?

Lostboy.. 😕