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We are reviewing your benefit claim !!!!

vanreet asked:

Good afternoon GOODF members 😉

This looks like a follow up to the DWP decision to allow my ESA claim. Bearing in mind they have placed me in the Support Group they have today sent me the following letter:

We are reviewing your benefit claim

Come to your meeting to keep us up to date


We’ve arranged a time to meet you to talk about any changes which could affect your benefits. We will need you to provide us with the information on page 2 of this letter so we can make sure you are getting everything that you should.

Make sure you don’t miss this meeting. If you miss it your benefit payments will stop – so call us straight away on xxxxxxxxx if you wont be able to make it

If you can’t come to this meeting please call us straight away on xxxxxxxxxx. In rare cases, such as emergencies, we may be able to find a new time.

If English is not your first language, please arrange for an interpreter to come with you. This could be a friend or family member. Alternatively, if you need us to arrange for an interpreter please contact us before your appointment.

If you have speech or hearing difficulties, you can contact us on textphone If you don’t come to this meeting

If you miss this meeting and haven’t told us why beforehand, your payments will stop. This is because you will not have supplied us with the information we need to be sure you should still get benefit.

When we meet you

When we meet you we will talk about any changes which might affect your benefits. We need to make sure that the information we have is correct.

What you need for your meeting

When you come to your meeting you will need to bring something to prove who you are. It could be:

• your passport

• your driving licence

• any of these, as long as it shows your name and address:

• utility bill

• rent agreement

• bank statement

Other things to bring

Please also bring these documents if you have them:

• your most recent statements for any current or deposit accounts you have, whether it’s with a bank, a building society or the Post Office

• your most recent statement from your pension provider or other money from a place where you or your partner used to work

• your most recent wage slips

• statements from any Individual savings accounts (ISAs) or personal equity plans (PEPs)

• details of your savings and investments, such as National Savings Certificates, Premium Bonds, Income Bonds, or Capital Bonds

• details of any property or land you own, other than where you live

• evidence of your immigration status and ‘Right to Remain’ if you are not a British National

Please also bring this letter with you to the meeting and show it to a member of staff when you arrive. Keeping us up to date with changes

If there has been a change that you should have already told us about, you can contact us on

It is important that you always report any changes straight away. This will ensure you are receiving everything that you should. If there is a change and you don’t tell us about it straight away, it could resul in you being paid too much and you will have to pay that money back to us.

You could also have to pay a financial penalty unless you can show that you had a good reason for:

• Not telling us about a change, or

• Not giving us information to correct a payment that you know could be wrong Finding out more

If you have any questions, take a look at

Yours sincerely
Mr C Browning [Compliance Officer]

This is a new one on me and I would really appreciate some advie on:

1- Do I have to attend?

2- Will they / can they carry out their threat to STOP my benefit?

3- Do I have to produce the documents they are requesting?

These people just will not leave me in peace!

I have several medical conditions which can and do leave me totaly imobalised for quite long periods!

Would appreciate any input especially from any member who has been in this situation or has friends/family members who have experience of this.


sammy65 replied:

Deceitful deceptive DWP 😆 As you are in the Support Group you DO NOT HAVE TO ATTEND. Yippee. They word the letter so as to make it appear you need to attend but you don’t. I remember there was a big hoo-haa about this and DPAC put a piece on their website about it.

Don’t be conned into believing this is a compulsory meeting. If you are in the Support Group, ignore them or tell them to , um, get lost.

kissmekate replied:

Here’s some help 🙂 … b-centres/
[ ]

vanreet replied:

cheers sammy & kate 😉

Thought it looked a bit “dodgy” 🙄

Getting tired of the way the DWP are constantly chipping away at me 😡

Going to fire off the template and see what happens

Thanks again 😉

vanreet replied:


Just phoned them up and its a Compliance Check

They want a copy of my bank statement to check my capital amount!

My main ESA payment is ok because its based on NI contributions but apparently I receieve a “extra top up” and this is based on Capital ……….. anything over £6000 is deductable.

The main person who is dealing with this is off work untill Monday, so I have to call him and find out just what timescale of a bank statement he wants!!

I was also told I can have a home visit and the lady I spoke did say the letters they send out are worded very badly 😡 😡


Missy_D replied:

Just received the same letter today. I’m on ESA support group but in the process of coming off benefits to start my own business.

Why would they have to send me this? I’m a bit worried as to why this is even needed when it must be on the system that I’m in the process of this? I’ll be doing 16-20 hours self employed and claiming working tax credits at least thats a start in the right direction.

I am in the support group for major depression/anxiety and fibromyalgia…. Working from home was the best option for me because I get anxious etc when out and about and that had started to get better but this letter has put me straight to rock bottom to the point I’m shaking with worry 🙁

Any information appreciated