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Wessex Water / Searchlight Collections

djjem1 asked:

I haven’t paid my water bill in years, apparently I owe them over £2000. But seeing as their water is poisoned with toxins and that I have to distill it, I’m not paying until they do send me 100% pure H2O.

Anyway, I ‘ve had two guys round the other day, I didn’t answer the door 😆

They left me a card though, which I’ve uploaded. Any ideas what’s the best way to play this please anyone? Thank you.

Tiggy replied:

Have they got a CCJ? If you don’t want to pay for the toxic water and for your waste to be taken away and cleaned for you why not just ask them to disconnect the supply?

djjem1 replied:

Hi Tiggy,

No they haven’t got a CCJ yet but are threatening to get get one. Unfortunately disconnection is not an option, as I don’t have a well !

mrflibble replied:

The probably aren’t 100% sure who lives there, responding to a particular name probably won’t help unless you’ve already done that. The alleged debt may have already been sold too (the name of the creditor seems suspect to me).

Difficult to say what could happen and how best to respond with so little information.

They can’t send you pure H20 (even rock filtered and boiled water will contain some minerals), and obtaining enough clean water when land is “owned” and slaves are pigeon holed into “houses” is expensive. One might wonder why society accepts this paradigm – endlessly working to pay for the materials necessary for existence when once all that was required was to bend down and pick it up.

I drink bottled water, but maybe a water butt and filter may be sufficient for you.

djjem1 replied:

Hi MrFibble,

Thanks for responding. They have got my name because I used to pay it up until a few years back. I haven’t got a pot to p*ss in financially. I have to distill the water, as their so called purified water isn’t so pure. My health is better since I started distilling. I also heard that they actually sell the solid part of the sewage , it’s made in to fertilizer which then goes on the farmers crops 😮 to grow our food!!!

I’ve not no way of paying this bill apart from tops £10 per week, but I figure were even because I have to do half of the cleaning of the water and they have not been paying me for my part in supplying them with poo!

Any ideas ?

charterman replied:

Stick to your guns and not pay them. The card is a frightening tool from a debt collector full of ‘ may’ and ‘ could ‘. It doesn’t say they will or can take your possessions etc. Just watch out with the DWP if they do have your name and go after any benefits you may receive. A simple letter to the DWP will stop that.

Like you I have not paid a water bill for years along with gas and electricity. It doesn’t bother me how the big 6 rip off customers, I’ve been ripping them off for years after they conned me.

All my water bills go back ‘ addressee not recognised, return to sender ‘. This works on electric bills as well. These companies need a name, they need you to contract with them by giving them your details. Say nothing, admit to nothing and simply return their paperwork.

Written to encourage you keep going and have some fun with them.

JackRiffer replied:

Searchlight are one and the same(Wessexwater) they are not separate from Wessex water,they are the same company.
Strangely enough I had a visit from them today but I genuinely wasn’t home.

They have been threatening me for many years with the same crap.
I don’t claim benefits as I’m in work at present so they cannot try and get money deducted.

If you are worried then go to c.a.b as they do a restart scheme but that does involve giving your details over.
Either return their paperwork and try removing their implied rights of access?

I’m going to try that as my next step as then I’ll just keep returning their junk mail.

ThinkFree replied:

Remove their implied right of access and keep us informed :mrgreen: