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How Can I Get Out of Debt?

With a simple legislated debt solution you can consolidate all your debts into one lower, affordable monthly repayment. Make one set payment per month for a set period, and after the period expires any remaining debts left are legally written off. This can be up to 90% depending on your circumstances.


ellepatricia asked:

had a call yesterday from a company called 2f to get me to verify that i,m still living at my address ,of course no information was given and after doing some checking on the number they left it turns out they are really westcott trading as 2f.the number they are using is 01482380680.

pommiebstd replied:

If you Google ICF Debt Solutions or 2f Debt Collections you will see Wescot pop up on your screen. They claim to be a subsidiary of Imperium Custodia. Also like to refer to themselves as WCS Legal, (Wescot Credit Services). They operate from a nice office block here in Hull city centre but there are no signs anywhere to indicate they are there.

My son worked there for a very short period as he thought it was simply a call-centre job and when he found out what they actually did he left. Ironically, they have been chasing him for several alleged debts but they fall by the wayside very easily before selling on to another DCA.

ceylon replied:

getting that desperate they are trying new names 😆

againstthesystem replied:

They have numerous aliases, but yes, this is one of them. Well spotted 😉

assassin replied:

What they do is set up £1 equity companies, they set up various companies to give them different names, but are usually registered at one address so doing a search of the address usually reveals which companies are registered there, then often set up a P.O. box as well at a different address.

In addition each company has a trading name or multiple trading names, so 10 companies each having 3 trading names gives the appearance of being 30 separate companies, an old business trick. If you have a company called Robemblind trading with the trading name screwemall, you should see both names on any correspondence from the trading name, this is law.

So; if you get a letter from the trading name Screwemall it should clearly state somewhere on the letter something along the lines of Screwemall, a trading name of Robemblind.

Ignitedstrawman replied:

I’m dealing with power2contact, and I have to laugh because I’ve been contacting them directly to power2contact and they have been replying back to me through their other trading name credit solutions limited.

They have tried to be sneaky and think they can escape my fee’s and requests by replying to me as CSL, but they have failed miserably as i’m billing P2C for everything.

Its pretty simple to deal with just state your in all your correspondences that it applys to all trading names of the DCA your contacting.

againstthesystem replied:

Include in your letters the paragraph

“this letter / notice (delete appropriately) applies to all trading names, styles, proxies and agents of [insert DCA name]”

This then covers all of them trying to “dupe” you into thinking you are dealing with someone else. You can also include that misrepresentation of company names, or trying to mislead you into thinking you are dealing with a separate entity is actionable on their CCL under OFT Debt Collection Guidelines specific to section 2.2